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What is UTT?

  • United AMS Think Tank services;
  • utt is a think tank service where practical creative ideas and solutions are created, debated, tested and implemented!
  • Seasoned business advisors come together to create a customized think tank for you in order to help your business overcome day-to-day operational, cultural and financial challenges.
  • utt offers cost effective solutions to small and medium size companies and/or their creditors.
  • utt utilizes an online collaborative workspace to optimize efficiency, transparency and communication.
  • utt does the creation, researching, testing, implementing, overseeing and reporting for you!

Services Offered

  • Business Assessment and Evaluation
  • Business Consulting and Implementation
Receivers and Fiduciaries

Who was utt created for?

  • If you are a business owner determined about hitting or exceeding your or your creditor’s expectations and need additional executive level business and strategic support to meet or exceed expectations, utt is the solution for you!
  • utt was created to offer high-level consulting services for small and medium size businesses.

What type of challenges can utt help me with?

Any day-to-day operational, cultural and/or financial challenges your business, or a business you have invested in, is facing.

For example:

  • Cost benefit analysis and restructuring;
  • Change Management;
  • Performance efficiency review and streamlining;
  • Fine tuning business strategy objectively;
  • Assess and adjusts corporate culture and supply chain from a customer’s perspective;
  • Project Management;
  • Product and/or service pricing against your pro-forma;
  • Strategic growth planning;
  • Budget review of liabilities and assets;
  • Recapitalize and lower debt;
  • Evaluate new strategic partners;
  • Turnaround consulting;
  • And more…

Note: the challenges you are facing today maybe small, however, without an objective perspective, ideas and solutions, it could be detrimental to your business in the foreseeable future.

How does utt work?

Depending on the challenge(s) presented, utt assembles a team with the relevant experience and tools to review, deliberate and investigate various scenarios before proposing a formal and comprehensive plan-of-action.

This process will involve key personnel from your team in order to ensure utt has sufficient information, accurate definition, and understanding of the challenges at hand.

utt will follow, depending on budget and objectives, the process listed below while developing your next plan-of-action:

  • Kick off meeting with key personnel;
  • Physical inspection of the business;
  • Meeting with key staff;
  • Review records;
  • Hold strategic meetings;
  • Research and review technology solutions;
  • Testing of various scenarios;
  • Review test results;
  • Draft a plan of action;
  • Review draft;
  • Submit final plan of action;
  • Oversea performance of plan;
  • Make necessary adjustments;
  • Report results.

How much does it cost?

There are four ways to engage utt:

  1. Free Consultation – utt executives will review your challenge(s) to determine if utt is a solution for you!
  2. Hourly
  3. Hourly with a Success Fee
  4. Flat Fee

Can I afford it?

Yes! We customize our services to fit your budget and objectives.

How to engage utt?

  1. Fill out a simple form with your company’s information;
  2. Tell us of your business goals and/or challenges;
  3. Provide best method to reach you;
  4. A utt team member will contact you to schedule a free consultation meeting;
  5. If the scope, budget and engagement terms are acceptable, an agreement will be circulated for review and signature;

Commence work!

We know operations, we understand you! Don’t delay and contact utt today!