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Turnaround Consulting

At United AMS, our team can give your company the competitive edge it needs with turnaround consulting. We understand every client comes with a different challenge. That’s why we take different paths to asses and provide simple and effective recommendations. We take your business model to the next level when there’s negative cash flow, or, we improve on your current business model to remain competitive in your respective market and have the potential to grow in a new sector. At United AMS we work with you to achieve your milestones in your business.

Examples and Applications of Turnaround Consulting:

  • Need to improve business model to generate positive cash flow
  • Improve on current business model to stay ahead of the industry curve\
  • Entering new markets that require new processes to generate high revenue and profitability
  • Creditors request for payment of expenses
  • Stagnant financial growth of business
  • Leverage financial structure of business to innovate value offerings