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Information Technology

United AMS’ goal is to utilize the combination of experienced staff coupled with Information Technology (IT) to provide both effective and efficient results for our clients.  United AMS along with HMBI have developed our own proprietary system – Unified  Information Technology (UIT), to achieve this goal.

UIT is a web-based Asset Management System, utilizing simple processes to receive, send and organize data from multiple sources – project managers, vendors, accounting/bookkeepers, brokers, asset managers and executives/administrators. UIT, through its multiple modules, allows project managers to automatically receive assignments from its clients, assign work to its vendor network (nationwide), follow up on work assigned, QA/QC work performed, approve invoices for work completed, and monitor payment status.

The UIT System also provides updates and summary reports per asset and can automatically communicate these reports by linking to the clients; customized system. Furthermore, UIT implements a “check and balance” approach in order to ensure that payments are not made for work that wasn’t completed and approved by the authorized personnel. The simplicity and comprehensiveness of the UIT system are its greatest qualities and assets.

The UIT System is fully customizable per client, allowing us to adjust the system specifically to our clients’ needs.  UIT also supports interfacing directly with 3rd party systems to allow data flow to and from the systems.  The benefits of the integration is two fold; saving time and preventing user error.

United AMS provides the balance of experienced staff and advanced technology to provide the highest quality service for our clients.

information technology