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Jul 17

United AMS Press Release

Las Vegas-based United AMS Introduces the United Homes Retention Program

Innovative program designed to keep homeowners facing foreclosures in their homes 

(Las Vegas) – In a city that has experienced some of the worst of the economic recession, countless Southern Nevada residents have suffered from the foreclosure crisis, losing homes they have worked diligently to keep. While tightening bank regulations and a rising unemployment rate continue to leave many residents with dwindling options, United AMS, a leading Southern Nevada real estate asset and property management service company, is stepping in with a solution to help qualified homeowners stay in their homes.

“Many homeowners who have been battered by the recession are faced with the unforeseen circumstance of no longer being able to meet their mortgage requirements, yet desperately wish to find an option to keep their families in their home,” said Dotan Y. Melech, president of United AMS.“That is why United AMS has developed a solution that will be beneficial to homeowners and the institutions holding their mortgages.”

Named the United Homes Retention Program, it is designed for homeowners considering short selling their homes to avoid the foreclosure process. United AMS, in conjunction with its affiliated entity United AMS Realty and Property Management, acts as the buyer for the short sale through another affiliated funding source, United Homes. Once acquired, United AMS Realty becomes the former homeowner’s landlord and negotiates an affordable rental lease/option agreement to keep the individuals in their home.

“In many cases, a disconnect exists between the homeowner and the mortgage holder during the short sale or foreclosure process,” said Melech. “We want to bridge that gap by stepping in and acting as an intermediary between the two interests. Our goal is to create a much smoother and successful result for all parties involved.”

The unique highlight of the program is that, depending on the terms of the lease/option agreement, the now former homeowner has the opportunity to repurchase their home from United Homes in just a few years at a pre-negotiated price.

“Essentially, the mortgage holderis no longer saddled with trying to locate a buyer for the short sale, nor will they have to contend with yet another foreclosed property, and the homeowner gets to stay in their home with a unique opportunity to own the home again inthe future once they have weathered the storm of the recession,” said Allon Adar-Burla,broker and managing partner of United AMS Realty and Property Management.  “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

In addition to this innovative program, United AMS and its affiliate companies offer services in many aspects of real estate including professional receivership, consulting, project management, property management, real estate services and maintenance.

United AMS strives to provide value-added services to its clientele by constantly pursuing more effective and efficient strategies. In order to attain this goal, the company utilizes the vast experience of its partners and affiliates, which allows them to tailor programs to fit individual and specific needs.

For more information on United AMS and to find out if you qualify for the United Homes Retention Program, please call 702.227.4777, email [email protected], or visit the web site at

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