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Vacancy Management Services (VMS)

Current industry trends indicate that the average rental reconditioning can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days from the moment the property goes vacant until it re-enters inventory as “rent ready”. This downtime, coupled with the average cost of reconditioning running anywhere from $1,500.00 - $2,000.00 (not including potential rental loss). This is a financial burden that every rental property owner or manager will be faced with and will have to overcome. One sure way to increase profits is to efficiently manage properties between vacancies. Helping to narrow the vacancy window by reducing property down time involves vendor coordination and personnel trained and solely dedicated to converting a property into rent ready condition. This allows a property to quickly re-enter the market ready to create rent revenue.

Highly Experienced Team of Professionals

VMS has a team of highly experienced property preservation managers who utilize a proprietary management system to manage almost 4,000 properties in 24 states. Our combined staff of professionals has successfully managed the preservation and sale of over 60,000 homes and the production of over 50,000 initial property inspections and over 850,000 follow-up inspections. Our dedicated management teams have over 50 years of combined Property Preservation, Maintenance, and Real Estate Management and Marketing experience.

Established Network of Tradesmen and Vendors

By leveraging our established vendor networks, our experienced teams of professionals efficiently facilitate the servicing of single-family residential properties. With a proven average turn around time of 10 business days, VMS narrows the vacancy window while controlling costs and the potential for rental loss. How does it work? We use a proven step-by-step process to identify and coordinate all the services a property needs to become “rent ready”. By establishing agreements with the property owners prior to the need for services, we work to create and expand our network of local vendors, who are committed to providing services for our clients’ properties in a timely manner. We use our proprietary management system, UIT, to bring efficient vendor coordination to property reconditioning, while allowing owners and managers to be informed and involved along the way. Once an agreement has been reached with VMS, owners and property managers alike can rest easy knowing their assets are secure while enjoying the benefits of unlimited system access, and 24/7 technical support.

Our Top Priority is Protecting and Preserving your Asset

Third Party Assessment and Accountability

Using a proprietary format, professional 3rd party inspections are performed to ascertain the condition of a property. Tailored to address all major components of a residential property, a detailed property condition report is generated following a comprehensive inspection. This inspection is based on the inspection industry’s recognized InterNACHI format with an additional emphasis on cosmetic appearances. The property owner or manager can have the property inspected immediately upon the exit of an existing tenant and prior to the beginning of a new lease with a new tenant. The initial inspection and PCR documents the condition of the property upon termination of a lease. The final inspection and PCR document the condition of the property at the beginning of a new lease. The Final PCR can be incorporated into the lease documents as the baseline condition at lease inception. In addition, it can be used to determine the workmanship of any cleaning, reconditioning, or repairs that may have been performed to prepare the property for the rental market. These impartial inspections can be a useful tool for the proper assessment of fees or liens against a tenants deposit.

Exterior ComponentsStructural ComponentsElectrical Systems and Life & Safety
RoofFoundationElectrical service-entrance
GuttersFramingElectrical service panel
WindowsFloor/SlabElectrical circuits
SidingAtticElectrical circuits Fire System
Driveways & walkways  
Decks & patios  
Interior ComponentsPlumbingHeating & Air Conditioning
Doors & CabinetsPlumbing fixturesHeating & ventilation
FireplaceHot/cold water supplyAir conditioning
Flooring, Ceilings & WallsWater heater 


Initial Inspection and PCR, Securing of the Property & Lock Charge
Property Cleaning and Basic Conditioning with minor repairs
  • All surfaces, including woodwork, baseboards, doors, faceplates and door blinds
  • All kitchen and bathroom sinks, mirrors, toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Wash and clean all vanities, cabinets, counter-tops, towel bars, and soap dishes
  • Clean all fixtures bath & kitchen, appliances, and ceiling fans
  • Clean all walls with appropriate cleaning solution and rinse with water
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors in preparation for shampooing
  • Shampoo all carpets
  • Broom sweep and mop all uncarpeted floors
  • Service toilets and hardware
  • Secure all misc. fixtures
  • A/C filter exchange
  •  Caulking replacement
  • Re-hang and adjust doors
  • Replace broken outlet covers & switch plates
  • Replace smoke detector batteries or deficient smoke detectors
  •  Replace missing/deficient light bulbs
Landscaping Services
  • Remove and dispose of all debris, trash, and lawn paraphernalia
  • Remove weeds from flowerbeds and foundation plantings
  • Remove dead shrubbery, sprouts, saplings, and brush
  • Trim low hanging branches of trees that obscure any walkways
  • Cut lawn to edge of property line at a maximum height of 3”
  • Edge all paved walkways, curbs, and driveways
  • Sweep clean and power wash all garage, patios, porches, and decks
  • Refresh painted house numbers
Final Inspection and PCR - Baseline Condition prior to New Lease
All inspections and PCR formations are performed by Licensed 3rd Party Inspectors.
Coordination of Component Replacement or Major Repairs Bids Prepared by 3rd Party
  • Electrical repairs or upgrades
  • Carpet or flooring exchanges
  • Plumbing repairs or upgrades
  • Roof repairs or upgrades
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • A/C repairs or upgrades
  • Pool repairs
  • Landscaping repairs or upgrades

Bundle all of these services for a pre-negotiated flat fee or choose only the services you desire.
All services FINALIZED Within 10 Business Days of Property Assignment!1

On Call Services:
Interior Re-fresh (for homes recently serviced by VMS) 
Routine Yard Service (for homes recently serviced by VMS)

property preservation managers utilize our unique, state of the art  management system (UIT) to coordinate services with our vendor networks in 24 states (Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia) to recondition properties to “rent ready” status.

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  1. If major rehabilitation is required, turnaround time may be affected by conditions or events beyond Service Provider’s control or the number and extensiveness of required services.

Vacancy Management Services