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Property Preservation

The principals and managers of UnitedAMS have a unique blend of private and public service experience that compliment and enhance a variety of skills. UnitedAMS has a vast network of venders spanning the United States. This network consists of companies that are fully licensed and capable of handling any form of real estate property preservation. Collectively, they have developed the UIT Management System, which UnitedAMS uses to provide critical oversight and management of any property preservation contract. The company principals manage and staff new contract workloads and are directly involved in planning, training, and logistics in every region.

Currently, UnitedAMS and its affiliates provide property preservation and maintenance services in 21 states. These services include inspections, clean outs, and miscellaneous and routine maintenance. It’s principals and managers have provided Property Preservation, Maintenance, and REO Management and Marketing (M&M) services under many of the HUD M&M Contracts in national contract areas.