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Company Overview

UnitedAMS was founded in 2007 and organized in early 2008 by a group of professional businessmen with notable experience and success in business management, operations, real estate, finance and manufacturing. During the past several years, United AMS’ executives have developed a substantial network of nationwide service providers, as well as, strategic alliances, partnerships and affiliations, which enables us to focus on our core competencies, while offering our clients additional solutions and services, to be provided by professionals that are leaders in their industries.

In 2013, UnitedAMS and HMBI ( teamed up to create UnitedAMS USA, Inc., in order to further increase its physical footprint from four states to a ten state operation. Furthermore, this relationship has substantially increased UnitedAMS’ asset management resume, skill set and scope of services. UnitedAMS’ team is innovative and progressive with diversified backgrounds that have created a top of the line Asset Management Service Company. We provide value-added services to our clientele by constantly pursuing more effective and efficient strategies. In order to attain this goal, we utilize the team's vast experience.

Our team seeks exemplary projects that mesh with UnitedAMS' vision and skills. We are passionate about achieving success and quality by creating the necessary infrastructure and strategy to support our projects. By applying extensive market research we understand the trends, economic and political factors, and consequently limit risk and maximize results. We continually study our clients' and project's situations and goals, allowing us to tailor programs to meet their needs.

Our team maintains a hands-on approach and is result-driven, which is an integral part of our strategy and philosophy. Our accomplishments have provided us with valuable experience and unmatched results. United AMS team of professionals has provided receivership, bankruptcy and asset management appointed by some of the nation's largest financial institutions.